Jar Filling Machine

Jar Filling Machine

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The Jar filling line is a clean and efficient solution for a modern filling plant. It involves a JAR Rinsing, filling and capping machine. The brushing machine is manually operated but the Rinser, Filler and Capper is automated after bottle loading.

The rinser involves a THREE stage rinsing system that will use detergent water to clean and treated water to rinse the inside of the jar. The outside of ther jar is cleaned by the jar brushing machine. All the water in the jar or any that is accumulated on the body is allowed to drain off. The jar is tilted 180 during the entire rinsing cycle, after draining the water it is righted once more and sent to the filler.

The filler nozzle is controlled pneumatically; It enters the mouth and fills up to a pre-set exact volume. The filling level is controlled by an electronic level controller. The Jar then passes under the cap dispenser where it will.


  • Automatic 20 liter Jar Rinsing, Filling and Capping Machine.
  • Fully automatic linear PLC based on 20 ltr. Jar/Bubble top.
  • Out Put Speed of 100 jars per hour.
  • SS 304 frame structure.
  • Pressure Pump Wash ensures proper washing.
  • Diving Type filling nozzle ensures no spillage of water, timing base filling system.
  • Cap Pressing by pneumatic cylinder for proper capping.
  • 9 Feet length/7.5 feet height and 3 feed with.
  • 2.0 HP for washing and filling / 1.0 HP for a conveyor.
  • Machine fully in SS – 304 and product contact parts in SS – 316
  • The machine can be tailor – made as per floor space availability.
  • UV sterilization for caps before capping operations.
  • Screw or press-fit capping can also be done.
  • The machine can be tailor made as per floor space availability.
  • 2.0 HP Compressed air and 3 HP Power Utility Required.