Multigrade Filter

Multigrade Filter

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Clear Pressure Drop0.3 bar

Flow1M3/Hr. – 450 M3/Hr.
Inlet TSSUp to 50 Mg/L
Inlet TurbidityUp to 40 NTU
Filtration Velocity16 to 25 M3/Hr./M2
Diameter (Vertical Vessel)0.225 Mts. – 4.0 Mts.
Length (Horizontal Vessel)3.00 Mts. – 11.0 Mts.
MOCFRP / Mid Steel / Stainless Steel Coating / lining : Epoxy / FRP / Rubber Lined
Filtration RatingUp to 10 Micron
Design CodeASME / IS
Design PressureUp to 10 Bar
Working Pressure1.1 to 3.5 Bar
Top distribution systembell mouth
Bottom distribution systemStrainer plate or Header & laterals.


  • Simple design maximizes reliability and efficiency
  • Multi layers of filtration media
  • Filtration rating up to 5 – 20 Microns
  • Standard and effective quartz sand media.
  • Low Pressure drop across the vessel
  • FRP, MSRL, MSEP & SS Vessels are available.
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic features are provided
  • Pre-assembled construction minimizes start-up time and installation costs
  • Structural steel legs provide rigid support of vessel for safety
  • Air scouring available for high flow pressure vessel.
  • Proven design of internal distribution and collection system.


  • Efficient Turbidity and TSS Removal
  • High filtration rate
  • Filtration efficiency is up to 2.0 ppm suspended particles
  • Easy operation & maintenance
  • Wide range in material of construction
  • Economical way of production & design
  • Low Energy requirement
  • Can accommodate seasonal fluctuations in flow rate
  • Long filter cycles between backwashing with minimum loss of pressure.


Drinking Water Treatment

  • Turbidity & Total Suspended Solid Removal
  • Iron Removal
  • Manganese removal
  • Fluoride Removal
  • Arsenic Removal
  • Pretreatment to reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Pretreatment to Desalination Plant